Discover the most beautiful island in the world 2022


Reaching 94.83 out of 100, Palawan of the Philippines was voted the world’s most beautiful island in the award of the famous travel website Travel + Leisure.

Discover the most beautiful island in the world 2020 With limestone cliffs rising from the ocean, the island looks spectacular and impressive.

Palawan is 435km long and 40km wide, on the map it looks like an arm pulled from the Philippines Borneo.

It is not easy to come here, but the result for the trip is worth it.

Palawan has white sandy beaches stretching …

… with turquoise water, which looks like a picture.

Many tourists have commented that “the island is very beautiful with natural scenery, attractive beaches and high-class resorts”.

Scuba diving in Palawan deserves world class. There is even a shipwreck from World War 2 lying here.

Snorkel to find beauty below the water in Palawa.

Discovering the island by kyak or cano is also a favorite choice for many tourists.

Sunset on the island is one of the most loved moments.

In addition to the luxurious resorts, there are many popular resorts and dining services.

Traditional Filipino culture is also regularly held on the island. People wear national costumes, parade, and sell local foods.

With over 600 types of birds, this is the right place for those who love bird watching.

Readers Travel + Leisure also rate the food on the island, mainly seafood, rich in flavor.

Palawan, Philippines – the most beautiful island in the world 2022